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Buy fake money counterfeit bills false money for ATM. Instead of telling you in words about the quality of our products, we filmed video reviews demonstrating the fact that our counterfeit banknotes were fake and work. As you can see in the video demonstration, this is really fake money made in our printing house.

Our counterfeit notes are printed on two halves and glued together. Their resemblance to the original is completely identical.

Only an experienced specialist in a bank can distinguish a fake, while any ATM accepts our fake banknotes without fail as real money. In the video demonstrations, we show the validity of our counterfeit money on the detectors of leading manufacturers of banking equipment.

We always have a large supply of finished products of counterfeit banknotes. We specialize in large denominated Dollars and Euros and ship goods worldwide with transport companies.

Our service sells counterfeit money only in bulk. We are not interested in selling goods in small retail. For this reason, check out our minimum wholesale offer.

The price of one banknote = 20% of the face value of the banknote.

The minimum wholesale lot of fake dollars costs $ 20,000 => the volume of this lot is $ 100,000

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As a rule, this $ 500 / € is enough to pay for the services of a transport company + for the salary expenses of our people, who ship according to their fake documents.

If you need bank cards issued to other people, then we are ready to provide you with cards of offshore banking systems Advanced Cash or Payeer for an additional fee.

Price of one ready-to-use card = $ 300 We do not sell bank cards separately. You can order bank cards only TOGETHER with a minimal batch of our fake banknotes.

All our video reviews are signed by our contact e-mail confirming that the video demonstration of our product was actually shot by us. To contact us, you can write to any mail from the video review.

We provide faster contacts for communication, such as a messenger, but we recommend that you write to us by e-mail before payment so that you can make sure that you are talking with us.

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Buy fake money counterfeit bills false money for ATM

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A statement published on the official website of the Department of State states that the order for making money came from an “illegitimate authority.” Counterfeit Libyan money allegedly discovered by the security services of Malta.

The State Department stresses that the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli is the only legitimate bank in this country. It is also noted that “the influx of counterfeit Libyan currency from the Russian Federation exacerbated the economic problems of Libya.”
“Russia should stop destabilizing the situation in Libya,” the State Department said. In addition, Russia as a whole “continues to fan the flames of the Libyan conflict.” The day before, 14 MiG-29 and Su-24 fighters were deployed to Libya to support Russian mercenaries. In Russia, the charges are rejected.

The United States, in turn, is ready to cooperate with the UN and international partners in order to curb activities that undermine the sovereignty and stability of the Libyan state. Washington plans to send the military to Tunisia to confront the Russian Federation, said in a statement by the African command of the US Armed Forces, excerpts quoted by Reuters.

The text notes that the United States is looking for new ways to solve mutual security problems with Tunisia and intends to use one of its security assistance brigades.

Russia supports the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Khalif Haftar, who is fighting against the internationally recognized Government of the People’s Accord (PNS) led by Faiz Saraj.
Everything is not so simple with these “fake” dinars. They are issued by the Haftarovsk National Bank in Tobruk, they are no different from legal ones printed in England, and the legitimate National Bank in Tripoli has still not recognized the money printed in Russia as fake. Although Putin has been printing them for Haftar for 4 years, it is not the first time Maltese customs officers have intercepted such a package from Moscow. But the fact that Russia sends aviation to Haftar in response to the defeat by Turkish drones of the attack group of Haftar and the Wagnerites advancing on Tripoli is very bad. Russia is getting deeper and deeper bogged down in yet another military adventure. Already the USA is pulling up and the Turks are not going to concede. Oh, they’ll get back the muslims, like in Syria on the Euphrates!

During a raid on the Vietnamese quarter, the tax authorities withdrew the money from the Afterlife Bank, intended for the spirits of the dead and the Lord of Hell During the raid on the Odessa residential complex “Lotus Village”, the Prosecutor General’s Office with the participation of the fiscal service seized the “money of the Underworld”, intended for transfer to the afterlife of the spirits of the dead. This was told by “Duma” residents of the village, commenting on the official report of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which states that during the “package of measures” “blanks of fake banknotes with a face value of 100 US dollars and the currency of the European Union” were seized. 10 thousand dollar bill from the Afterlife Bank 10 thousand dollar bill from the Afterlife Bank Residents of the quarter said that, most likely, they are talking about “money of the Underworld” – banknotes similar to real ones, according to Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai traditions, are burned in the full moon and on holidays. According to the idea of ​​the Vietnamese, in this way they transfer this “money of the Underworld” to the spirits of the dead so that they can live comfortably in the underworld and even pay off from the Lord of hell Yanlo-wang to get into nirvana. Such “afterlife” (“tien am fu”) is released specifically for transmission to spirits. In ancient times, these were coins drawn on a piece of paper, and in recent centuries they have been made like ordinary bills. Such ritual banknotes are printed on thin paper. Visually, they differ from the real ones, so as not to accidentally mix them up. The fact is that burning real money is considered a bad omen and brings misfortune. In addition to imitating dollars and euros, they also issue “Banknotes of the Underworld” with the image of the Jade Emperor, or, for example, Marilyn Monroe, worth up to a billion dollars. In addition, gold bullion, credit cards, and even equipment — televisions, mobile phones, cars that are burned together with banknotes — are used to make perfumes in this way. Buddhists take “afterlife” seriously enough. They are intended only for religious rites. This is a sign of attention and respect for the spirits of the dead. You cannot give them to living people or use them in any other way. (About how it’s not customary for us to give artificial flowers or cemetery wreaths to living people). In the “Lotus Village”, where the Vietnamese and Chinese live, traditional ancestral altars are in every apartment. This is the most expensive and respected place in the house – here are laid out treats and gifts for the spirits of their ancestors. And during the last pogrom of the visit of the tax authorities, these altars were looted and dispossessed – not only alcoholic drinks, but also the ritual “money of the Underworld” disappeared. Apparently, presenting the ritual “dollars” on tissue paper with the inscription “The Afterlife Bank” as counterfeit money – this turned out to be too much even for our tax authorities and prosecutors. And that is probably why the definition appeared in the press release – “blanks”. It remains to be hoped that the Prosecutor General’s Office will nevertheless present procedural documents: court orders for a search of apartments, search protocols with a list of seized persons and signatures of witnesses, as well as material evidence. Afterlife Banknotes Afterlife Banknotes Gift set for the soul of the deceased: paper shoes, paper watches, paper mobile phone, paper gold bars and paper wallet Gift set for the soul of the deceased: paper shoes, paper watches, paper mobile phone, paper gold bars and paper wallet Credit card of the Afterlife Bank. Alas, they are accepted only at ATMs in the afterlife Credit card of the Afterlife Bank. Alas, they are accepted only at ATMs in the afterlife Altar of ancestors in a Vietnamese house Altar of ancestors in a Vietnamese house The “afterlife” bill remaining after the funeral procession on Hanoi Street. In Vietnam, this is a serious problem: the afterlife thrown out during the funeral belongs to the spirit world, you cannot raise it and there is nobody to clean it The “afterlife” bill remaining after the funeral procession on Hanoi Street. In Vietnam, this is a serious problem: the afterlife thrown out during the funeral belongs to the spirit world, you cannot raise it and there is nobody to clean it Vietnamese pogroms Vietnamese pogroms 22 news, 115 photos News on this topic: Odessa fighter with Vietnamese was punished with community service and prosecuted Another pogrom: on the “Seventh kilometer” attacked immigrants from Vietnam (video) “Probably want money”: Odessa activists were looking for money changers in the Vietnamese quarter November 28, 2018: Employee of the City Hall of Odessa Mykola Nguyen – about xenophobia, currency traders, communism and business in Ukraine September 24, 2018: One of the leaders of the Vietnamese community of Odessa was detained. July 28, 2016: “Vietnam Syndrome”: The Prosecutor General’s Office launched a criminal investigation into the pogrom in the LCD “Lotus Flower” June 17, 2016: Attorney General about pogrom in Odessa’s Vietnamese quarter: owners of destroyed altars will be tried for counterfeiting May 26, 2016: Honored Doctor of Ukraine Nguyen Wang Han: “A patriot is someone who does, not screams,” May 25, 2016: Vietnam pogrom in Odessa: